Mavie Yoga – that is me

Mavie Yoga = mavie = my life = Yoga. A simple way to introduce myself.

I practice Ashtanga Yoga – my own practice changed a lot over the years. Since I teach I got even more understanding about this Universal Yoga system – from that I changed also my style of teaching over the years.

I am a dedicated student of Asana Alignments and there are many books about how a proper Asana should look like. It is very usefull to know everything about the Asanas the Vinyasa System but beside of that there are much more a teacher has to know.

I have to say that my main focus is on the Breath and how to bring the attention inwards.

„Find the point of stillness in your body, than healing will come automatically and spontaneously“

The breath brings you to the stillpoint – I think there is no other way. If you cannot focus on your breath you will not find the Essence of the Yoga Practice. A deep way to breath makes your mind calm, is your mind calm and silent your muscles can relax and a relaxation of your muscles and your nerve system has a positive effect of your whole body awareness. A proper breathing technique can release emotions and blocks from your body   – everything that makes you stiff at the end and gives you a feeling of heaviness and stiffness.

My teaching is influenced by my own Yoga practice, my knowledge about the Ashtanga Vinyasa System, the part the breath has in the Yoga practice and the holistic knowledge I got and still get through my Cranial Sacral Work with the ability to sense peoples energy body.

„Adjusting people is never about to bring a body in a better or deeper position it is about giving the person a save feeling in an environment where the whole human system (body – mind) can release what comes up and is ready to leave. A soft touch from a person a teacher in a gently and warm way can heal parts of the body mind system very quickly“.


For me the most important thing in my life as a Yoga practitioner is to have a daily practice, which can also be sometimes only sitting in silence and observing the breath, and to know to have a teacher who act exactly in that way I described. Such a person can guide you through your life and also through a led class J . The real challenge is to find such a teacher who fits.