How did it happen? | Yoga House Sougia | Yoga House Diani Beach


To create places
Where encounters take place
When people meet for daily doing
In a protected room
To experience one`s own practice
Quite in the midst of many others
The unity and connectedness
If desired
Just for yourself
If desired
To be free
When FREEDOM arises … …  
I’m looking for places
To create such spaces
For ME and for All the OTHERS
 as well

Years ago I found two fantastic places with special quality. A quality that can not be described, but you could feel it. In these places, I spend several weeks a year practicing yoga and teaching Ashtanga Yoga workshops. Over the years, more and more people have shared my enthusiasm and so I wanted to create a space that would provide yoga space for several months a year, or allow and encourage any kind of getting together.

One place is located in Sougia. Sougia is a small town in the south-west of the island of Crete. The second place is in Africa, Kenya at Diani Beach.

Both places are surrounded by fantastic energy. Especially Sougia has something special. In Kenya one feels the proximity to the equator; For me is the equator similar to the navel of Mother Earth. At that area you feel different; How different is difficult to describe. Anyone who has ever been to Africa will perhaps know what I mean.

The house in Sougia can be rented and used from the beginning of May to the end of October. The house is equipped with a roof terrace, which is also the yoga place or the venue. Covered and sheltered, this place can be used all the time during the season. Furthermore there is an apartment that is available to the yoga teacher or the person who heads the retreat.

The house in Kenya is available all year round and offers space for yoga as well as for any other retreat. The participants are accommodated in a villa. The villa stands on a 4000m2 plot and offers a lot of space for each individual. The possibilities on the property are diverse – apart from a magnificent swimming pool amidst lush plant and flower splendor, a meditation place, an area for the group event like yoga etc., which is located in a quiet place of the property, there are still many quiet places to stay and relax and entertain.

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