Class Feeling


The Yoga Retreat in Sougia starts in a couple of days. Why I call it Retreat? The name Retreat is, because every day you get a lot of classes offered and all classes are about YOGA and the YOGA PATHWAY. You can join the full retreat on a weekly basis or you can be a kind of drop in student. It is up to you how much time you want to spent on that YOGA event in Sougia.

From the last years I know that at such Retreat the fun factor is great and it is also expected and very welcomed by all of the participiants. Seriously, I would say that I like to have fun and a good portion of craziness is a „Must have“ attitude, provided it comes naturally.

In my Yoga classes I am absolutely serious in that sense that everything I have learned from all of my teachers I try to pass on very carefully. I have a good eye for peoples body and I get already a lot of information about them only by watching them. In that way I am very serious and very concentrated on that what I am doing.

But I also make sure that in my classes the fun factor is still there. I like to be joy- and playfull. Lightness is an important life value for me. To laugh out loudly is sometimes the better stretch for our whole life and body system than the ability to bend ourselves in all possible or impossible directions but with an serious petrified face.

Summarized /What you must know is:

„When you come in my yoga class – I will be there! You will get a perfect led class. or a perfect Mysore Style Class. I teach you in all yoga poses of the primary and intermediate series. I pick you up exactly at that point where you actually in your own practice are and I would like to bring you in your yoga practice a step forward. I like to touch people at different levels.

After the class you have time to relax on your mat. When you leave the yoga place, and that is what I promise you right now, you will have a big smile on your face.“

Find me at my place! MAVIE Yoga House Sougia – Drop in and do what you can – that is enough. I support you in your practise as much as I can.