The every day challenge of an Ashtangi!

Following the path consequently – that is what I am doing. No matter whether I am alone or in company, how I feel, how  the circumstances are I am surrounded with. What I have learned is that daily yoga practice is necessary for me to understand life and myself better. Sometimes life gives us additional but unexpected issues. This happened to me a week ago. It was very much interesting to observe all the intensive feelings which came up. When I am in pain I only want to escape from this torture at once. I was asking for help, I wanted that somebody stops this nightmare. The quicker I realized that I am the only one who can do healing work for myself and since I started, the better I felt. Not only because pain slowly was gone, I felt better, cause I realized that I was doing successful healing work for my body too. I am used to do healing work with other people as I am a practitioner in Cranio Sacrale treatments. Faith and trust in myself and in my abilities came back and at the same time I felt that my sensations have become much more sensitive than before . During this week I did not stop practicing. I did and I do what I can do and in a completely focused and deep connected way with my inner world and the sound of the breath. Only today I was a bit irritated by a little Gecko which wanted to share my mat with me. But tomorrow is another try and another day… and I guess it will be again a bit better than the day before. I think I got the lesson of this chapter and I can follow the path with full attention but not knowing what comes next.